• Seasonal Arrangement

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    • Love in Bloom creates unique seasonal arrangements for a thoughtful gift or special celebration anytime of year. Buying flowers in season is a cost-effective way to give the gift of flowers all year long. Please contact us to learn more about the beautiful variety of flowers available throughout the year.

    For gifts any time of year we provide arrangements with in-season flower options. Seasonal arrangements are a great way to honor your friends and family. Using flowers and plants that are in season is also a cost-effective way to purchase a gift. Some seasonal examples include white, red, pink, yellow, and purple peonies in spring. Other lovely spring flower options include tulips, daffodils, forsythia, blooming branches, quince, and apple. Dahlias bloom in August, and purple and blue patycodon are abundant in the fall.
    For the gardener, a gift basket of perennials, Columbine, Pasque flower or Snow Drops make the perfect gift. Another great option would be live plants like the Lady Slipper orchid that grows well in our high desert Colorado climate.
    Your seasonal arrangement can be personalized and as creative, playful, colorful and fun as you’d like. We can customize your gift theme for any occupation as well. To make your gift even more special your arrangement can also include a handmade vase, mug or bowl.
    Call to design your own seasonal arrangement for a special occasion gift or just to let your friends or loved ones know you are thinking of them. We look forward to creating the perfect seasonal arrangement to fit your needs.

  • Seasonal Arrangement


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