• New Home Flowers

    • New Home Flowers
    • Excited about your new home? So are we! Let us arrange a perfect flower arrangement to welcome you into your new home.

    Surprise friends or family with a beautiful housewarming gift by sending them a custom designed floral arrangement.
    Flowers are the perfect way to make a new house feel like a warm and inviting home. For those who like a simpler home décor, a gorgeous green plant is the perfect gift. Begonias are a great choice for a more traditional look of beautiful green leaves and hues of red, pink, orange or yellow flowers. Succulents with a variety of interesting textures and shapes are a fun and unique option. Lilies and roses are the perfect choice for a more elegant look.
    A new house for a family will be even more inviting with a vibrant arrangement of bright orange Star of Bethlehem coupled with yellow, red, orange and green Billy Ball flowers. This is a fun and long-lasting gift for the whole family to enjoy.
    For new homeowners who love to cook, choose an arrangement of fragrant herbs. Using rosemary and mint as greens, this gift will bring delicious aromas to a new kitchen. And for the outdoor enthusiasts a medley of irises is a great way to bring the feel of the outdoors into a new home.
    To add a special touch to your housewarming gift, we can include a hand-made ceramic bowl, vase or mug.
    Please contact us to find out more about our housewarming floral gifts.


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