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    • Love in Bloom can create a unique flower arrangement to send as Get Well Soon flowers.

    Brighten your friend’s or loved one’s day with a unique Get Well Soon flower arrangement designed by Love in Bloom.
    Flowers are the ideal way to show that you care for a friend or loved one who has been ill or undergone surgery. A beautiful floral bouquet can lift spirits and a personalized vase or mug to go with it adds a unique touch and long-lasting gift.
    For someone who may be homebound while recovering, the bold colors and dramatic lines of a beautiful flower arrangement can make being at home more cheerful.
    Recuperating is always easier with some Asian ikebana to contemplate. These floral arrangements provide a peaceful and calm addition to any environment. The intertwining woody Kiwi vine can make a unique addition to an ikebana arrangement by bringing texture and interest.
    To brighten up a room try a long-lasting Pincushion Protea with unusual, exotic, showy blooms in beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and pink.
    The gorgeous hanging Heliconia is a stunning flower of a bicolor variety with bright scarlet red, orange, yellow, purple or pink paddle-shaped leaves often edged in yellow, green or white.
    Whatever the arrangement you decide on, we can help you design the perfect Get Well Soon gift.


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