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    • Love in Bloom creates unique birthday flower displays to help you celebrate your big day (or the big day of a loved one). Please contact us to learn more.

    Flowers can add a festive flair to any birthday celebration. Love in Bloom creates unique flower displays to decorate your own birthday party or special floral gifts to celebrate the birthday of a friend or loved one.
    Birthday flowers can come in a range of styles and are a fun, cheerful way to celebrate someone special. Flower a splash of orange tulips! Parrot tulips have a ruffled edge and playful color combination while French tulips have a tall elegant feel.
    For springtime birthdays, Eremurus (a.k.a. foxtail lilies or desert candles) is an amazing spring perennial with wonderful pastel colors of soft yellow, orange, and coral. Ranunculus’ come in a myriad of colors and are a great addition to any bouquet. In late spring, the alliums start blooming in beautiful shades of purple with a nice round shape.
    Fall is just as exciting with the Annabelle hydrangea ranging in shades of white and green. These popular flowers can also hold their green color even when dried. Couple these with hosta leaves and you can’t go wrong. Bi-colored hostas are beautiful matched with irises, which are so hardy that growers rarely spray them. Chartreuse euonymus is a great green that sets off all bright colors and almost acts like another flower. If fragrance is important, Jasmine is a great live plant to give as a thoughtful birthday gift. While later in the year freesias make a beautiful gift or display for a birthday celebration.
    Please contact us to learn more about our birthday flower arrangements.


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